Law Office TONCHEV & PARTNERS was founded in 1991 by Kiro Tonchev (1943-2013), a member of Burgas Bar Association. During the years some of Burgas leading lawyers such as Nicola Toromanov (1919-2005) and Atanas Koev (1926-2008) have worked at the Law Office. The firm is working in the field of civil, contractual and commercial law.

Priorities of the office are litigation, mediation in negotiations, assistance and preparation of notary deeds, registration of incorporation, changes and termination of traders and trading companies, advice and assistance in the field of employment, tax and administrative law.

Law Office TONCHEV & PARTNERS has gained extensive experience in the judicial collection of overdue receivables. Our work does not end when court judgment is delivered, because we know that the most important thing for our clients is to obtain their due payments according to the court judgment. We take all legally permissible steps against our customers’ debtors, including foreclosures, inventories and sales of real estates, belonging to the debtors, inventory and sale of movable property, garnishment of wages and assets; questioning the debtors before a judge in order for them to declare all their property; engaging criminal liability of the debtors according to art. 293 and art. 227b of the Penal Code.

One of our biggest advantages is that we can manage a large number of identical cases at the same time.

The firm is proud of the fact that it employs both young lawyers and lawyers with extensive professional experience. We work in a team and thereby achieve the best customer service.

The firm offers a wide range of legal services aimed at the most rapid and effective solution to the problems of our customers. We share the opinion that the worst agreement is better than the best court judgment, but we are ready for legal battles whenever agreement is impossible.