At the University Library boy asks a girl:
"Do you mind sitting by your side?"
The girl responds with a loud voice:
All the students in the library started looking straight at the boy, and he really felt embarrassed.
A few minutes later she moved softly to the boy's table and said,
- I'm studying "Psychology" and I know what men think. I suppose he felt embarrassed. Am I right?
And the boy answered in a loud voice:
All the people in the library were shocked to watch the girl. Then the boy whispered in her ear:
- I'm studying "Right" and I know how to make someone feel guilty.


Send by Borislav Baltov

Two lawyers buy sandwiches from the shop and sit at a restaurant to eat. Waitress comes and tells them:

- But gentlemen, please, here it is forbidden to eat their own food!

Lawyers look at each other, thinking for a moment and exchanged sandwiches.

Sent by Anna Margaritova

Ask a student accountant and lawyer: "How much is 2 + 2?".
The student replied:
- 4
Accounting Officer:
- Either 3 or 4.Let`s check with calculator ...
The lawyer closes the door, pull the curtains and asks:
- How should it be?

Sent by Chavdar Baychev

A little dark humor:
What are 100 lawyer at the bottom of the ocean?
A good start:-)))

Sent by Zhelyazko Valtchev

Two girls talking:
- Your dad what works?
- Fireman's. Well yours?
- My dad is a lawyer.
- Is he honest?
- No, he is a simple one!

Send by Emil Petkov

Q: What is the difference between a pitbull and a woman lawyer?
A: The lipstick.

Sent by Anna Margaritova

A blind rabbit ran into a blind snake.The snake approaching it, tried it and said, "You're soft and fluffy, have long ears. You are probably a rabbit". The rabbit come closer, tried the snake and said: You're cold, you have no heart but have long tongue. You are probably a lawyer.

Send by Vassil Chakarov

One from professor Alan Dershowitz:

"Q: Hitler calls asking for a defense lawyer. Shall I take the case or shall I kill him?

A: take the case and kill him."

Изпратен ни от Свилен Никовов

Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute?
A: A prostitute will stop screwing you when you're dead.

Send by Svilen Nikolov

There was the picture showing two people fighting over a cow.

One was pulling the cow by the tail the other was pulling on the head. Underneath was a lawyer milking the cow.